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SICHEM Strengthens UAE Manufacturing with Major Plant Expansion

SICHEM LLC part of Mazrui Energy Services company – a Mazrui International subsidiary, a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals and drilling fluids additives, is proud to announce a major investment in upgrading and expanding its manufacturing plant in the UAE. This exciting development was unveiled during the Make It In the Emirates 2024 forum, highlighting SICHEM’s commitment to supporting the UAE’s industrial growth and aligning perfectly with the Ministry’s localization initiatives.

The strategic investment will significantly enhance SICHEM’s production capacity, allowing them to manufacture a wider range of specialty chemicals and drilling fluids additives within the UAE. This move directly contributes to the nation’s self-sufficiency goals and strengthens the local manufacturing sector.

Mazrui International Group CEO, Charbel Khoury, along with Mamdouh Srour, Sichem General Manager, Ayman Elsayed, Sichem Sales Manager, and Charo Domingo, representing Mazrui Energy Marketing & Communications were all present at the Make It In the Emirates forum to showcase this significant commitment.

This expansion marks a significant moment for SICHEM, solidifying their dedication to ADNOC, the UAE’s industrial development and their position as a key player in the region’s manufacturing landscape.